The Ultimate Student Productivity Pack

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Organize your school work and life together with our ultimate student Productivity Pack

One of Notion popular use cases is for school. However many Notion users struggle to create an effective Notion workspace for school, which leads to a less effective workspace. This bundle aims to solve that for you by organizing your school life with an effective way to track your notes, assignments & tests with ease. We also know that life isn't all about studying, so we've also included things like a finance tracker, habit tracker, and many more to ensure that you are productive, both in school and outside of school.

What is included in the Full Student Productivity Pack

  • Dashboard for both school and non-school productivity
  • Effective School Management System
  • Module Score / Grades Calculator
  • Build-in Chapter & Revision Notes Template
  • Module test & assignment tracker
  • Flash cards for memory revision
  • Job/Intern Opportunities Tracker
  • Resume Templates
  • Habit Tracker
  • Quote of the Day
  • Personal Journalling
  • Expense/Budget Tracking

Template Snippets

  • School Management System

  • Flash Cards

  • Job / Intern Opportunities Tracker

  • Habit Tracker

  • Expense / Budget Tracking

if there is any feature you are looking to see a preview of, feel free to reach out to me and I'll set it up for you. :)

What are the benefits of this template?

  • Beginner-friendly (Require little to no knowledge of Notion to use)
  • Record Revision & Chapter notes for schoolwork
  • Ability to plan on how much to score to get the grades you want
  • Ability to know assignments & tests that are close to submission (within 30 days)
  • Improve Revision Quality with Flash Cards & Revision Notes
  • Easy Management of Job & Intern hunts
  • Basic Analytics to understand the progression of your Schoolwork
  • Inspiration from Quote of the day curated by you
  • Helps with Monthly Budget Management
  • Helps with Habit Building
  • Helps with Mental Clarity & Wellness
  • Minimalistic Design


  • Does this work with a free Notion account?
    • Yes! This template will work with any type of account, free or premium

  • Can I share this with my friends?
    • Unfortunately, you are not allowed to do so since it is a licensed product.

  • How do I reach you if I have any questions?

If you are a student who is interested in this template but you are not financially capable to get the template, reach out to me through Instagram and we can try and work something out for you. :)

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A fully-built Operating System for school, coupled with a few templates to help with productivity outside of school.


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The Ultimate Student Productivity Pack

21 ratings
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