Notion Weekly Planner

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Plan your weekly task with ease using our minimalistic weekly planner.

Planning your week has never been easier

Features of this template

  • Backlog database to store all your pending tasks which allows you to change its state to backlog, in progress & completed
  • A year based weekly planner database which can be reusable every year
  • A weekly task planner template within the weekly planner database
  • BONUS: Mental wellness tracker within the weekly task planner template

What you will receive

  • PDF file with the Notion template link and a guide on how to use the template effectively

How does this template work

Adding a new entry into the backlog

  1. Add a new backlog entry by just clicking on "New"
  2. Write the task in the title and write the task type under tags.
  3. The task will then be automatically stored as a backlog task

Starting a brand new weekly planner database

  1. To start a new weekly planner database, click on the "Add new Weekly Planner (Year Long)" at the center of the page
  2. Wait for it to load, and you are ready to start your first weekly planner!

Adding a new Weekly Planner

  1. Click on "New" in the database & key in the start and end date of the week
  2. Add summary tags under your properties to highlight the important/memorable things done that week
  3. Click on "Weekly Template" under Templates
  4. Start using the weekly template (the backlog database is linked to each weekly planner page for easier reference on what task you want to do)


  • Does this work with a free Notion account?
    • Yes! This template will work with any type of account, free or premium
  • Is there any setup needed for this template?
    • This template requires a minimal setup (one to two buttons) that is very easy, to begin with.
  • Can I share this with my friends?
    • Unfortunately, you are not allowed to. However, since this is a free template, do revert them to my Gumroad shop to redeem it. This will show me what notion users are looking for in the market, allowing me to generate better notion templates in the future
  • How do I reach you if I have any questions?
    • You can reach me through Twitter, Instagram, or Email.

I hope this template will be useful in building your overall notion workspace

If you do like this template, tell me about it on Twitter or Instagram. 😊

Cheers! 😊

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Notion Weekly Planner

11 ratings
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